Custom Motion Videos

Bold Animated Videos that Tell Your Story

Demo, Motion and Explainer Videos

We help companies tell their stories with great motion videos. All of our illustrations are custom and we help our clients write their scripts, choose a great music bed and create a beautiful well-crafted video to help your customers understand your products and services better.

Custom Video Process

1. The Script

The key to a great illustrated video is a great script. We have some clients who write a great script and others who want us to write a script for them. Once the script is written and the timing is just right, we send it to to get a really fantastic voiceover. The key to a great script is thinking through the visuals as you put together each section of the script. That’s why we always storyboard the script.

2. Voiceover & Music Bed

The voiceover is obviously very important since the voice should fit the content. When you use they let you filter down the voice actors to find just the right tone for your videos. Then we hop over to and find a great musical bed. The cost for the voiceover and the music bed normally run $250 for both. A great price for such high-quality products and the variety of options.

3. Illustration & Animation

There are a number of companies who create motion and explainer videos using the same style of graphics for every project. Our graphics are custom illustrated and we always try to add in unique and unexpected surprises in all of our videos. Once the video is illustrated and the client approves the project stills we animate the video and present the final product to the client and help them publish in different formats.