Logo Design

Great Branding Starts with a Great Logo

When you start your business you want to start off on the right foot. We highly recommend that before you get too far down the road in your new business endeavor that you read the book the E-Myth and that you make sure that you find a graphic design agency that can help you not only create a great design, but one that helps you understand the value of what you are purchasing.

When it comes to logos the prices vary, but we know that many new startups don’t have a large budget. That is why we created the Entrepreneur and Small Business Startup Package. For $2500 you get an amazing website that is designed to start you off on the right foot.

Startup Package Includes:

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting

Priced individually this package would cost you $3500. That’s a $1000 savings!

We know that every individual needs to start off there business on the right foot and when you aren’t in the business of web design then it can be hard to know where to go to find good web support, but also someone you can trust to steer you in the right direction. We offer great web design, but since starting our business in 2009 we have learned a lot of pitfalls to avoid. One of the things to avoid is paying for something that is cheaper because it is what you can afford at the time. It is often better to wait until you can purchase exactly what you need instead of trying to take a short cut. In the long run the headaches from shortcuts are just an emotional drain and that drain effects your productivity. When your productivity is affected you lose money.

Ready to Get Started? If so, contact us at info@chemistcreative.com or call us at 214-606-8752 and let us know how we can help you on your next business project!

Here are some of our logo designs: