About ChemistCreative

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About ChemistCreative

ChemistCreative is a web and graphic design lab that focuses on merging great design and lead generation. Over the years of creating great websites we realized that many of our customers didn’t know that you need more than just a great website, you also need customers to see that website.

ChemistCreative uses a variety of tools to help boost customer conversion. We start by creating a great website and then building on that foundation to bring our clients customers.

About Eddie Renz (Owner)

I started ChemistCreative in a bit of a rush. I found myself unemployed from Texas Instruments in 2009 and suddenly I was forced to either just for a job in a market that had no jobs, or I could start my own business. My parents had always taught me to be a scrapper. “When you want something, you work hard for it.” My dad used to say.

When I was younger I learned to hustle, to o scrub toilets, and throw newspapers, and I even drove a special education school bus – I did whatever it took to get what I wanted and in 2009 I decided I really wanted to start my own web and graphic design business.

For seven  years ChemistCreative has been working for small and large businesses as well as individuals to help them succeed and to connect with their customers. We want to help people create a great lasting impression and build rewarding relationships, not just bank accounts (even those usually follow great business relationships). When what matters most is taken care of first, then everything else falls into place.

As an artist and a designer, I am extremely proud of the work that I have crafted over the past seven years and I am continually pushing forward and pushing those around me to never settle for mediocrity, but to strive always for greatness.

I hope that when you work with ChemistCreative you do not mistake our passion for arrogance or stubbornness, but instead, an unwillingness to settle for anything less than our best.

Our Mission

To delight and inspire. To build relationships. To connect people through beautiful design.


Our Vision

To become a leader in building relationships through excellent service and design.