Our Top 8 Explainer Videos

Our Top 8 Explainer Videos
October 2, 2017 Eddie Renz
Explainer Video for ASU

We Create Custom Explainer Videos

Once upon a time we didn’t know how to use After Effects. That seems like ages ago. Now we have a team that puts together unique and custom explainer videos that stand out in a crowd. Each of our videos is drawn per the customer’s requests and we pride ourselves on brining a unique and creative elegance to each of our videos.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Looking for a great GPS Tracking of your fleet? Well look no further than Rhino Fleet Tracking. Low cost monthly plans and no contracts set them out among the herd.

Rhino Fleet Tracking ELD Explainer Video

After we made our first video for Rhino Fleet Tracking we created another video for them. They had updated their branding a bit and so our colors and design reflected that.

Rhino Fleet Tracking with Amazon Alexa

How can you not love Amazon Alexa? I have an Amazon Echo dot and I just sit around thinking of things to ask Alexa. If only she could be trained to do dishes and laundry! But, for now she can control your fleet and track data with just a few simple questions.

ALL In Learning – Explaining Educational Technology

We worked with ALL In Learning for a number of years and over time they really dialed in their message to their audience. What do they do? They make what teachers are already doing in the classroom easier and more powerful. Their software offers so many features that it could be easy to get bogged down in all the options instead of focusing on the ease-of-use and time savings – which is what we all want out of life… right?

InspireHub – Multiple Apps All in One!

When InspireHub contacted us to do an explainer video we were excited about the idea. As we listened to their pitch we came up with the idea to make the people look like they were living in pre-historic times before this new app technology came along. My favorite scene is where the guy jumps and falls into a big hole and as he falls you can see the dinosaur bones buried in the ground. We like to add little elements of fun into our videos and add details that makes them stand out.

Tony Jeary – Explainer Video

CoilChem – Fracking Explained – Demo Video

ASU Sun Devil Stadium Renovation Explainer Video

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