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Web Design for GPS Tracking Company

Rhino Fleet Tracking – GPS Tracking – ELD Website
October 25, 2017 Eddie Renz

Web Design for GPS Fleet Tracking Company

One of our best clients is Rhino Fleet Tracking. They carry a number of tracking devices that help people keep track of everything from trailers to teens. What is great about working with a variety of companies is that you get to see what works first-hand when it comes to SEO and marketing. Rhino Fleet Tracking does a great job of attracting customers and my main job is keeping their site looking orderly while they add content and boost their organic search ranking.

Rhino recently introduced a new tool that does Electronic Logging which is required by the government for large trucking companies. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the ELD requirements, but I do know that Rhino Fleet Tracking will get you ELD compliant.

Web Design that Works

When you setup Google Analytics on your website you can track the type of traffic that you are getting. Organic search, paid search, social media, direct search, and referred search results will all tell you where your traffic is coming from and when you adjust the keywords on your site, you can see how your customers are finding you. For years I would work on adding keywords to a site without doing the leg work to find out what keywords were actually ranking high and which keywords were too competitive to really rank for within my client’s budget. There really is a science between mixing keywords and great web design. That is one of the things that sets ChemistCreative apart from other web designers. Some people are great at crafting a gorgeous website, but they don’t know that creating a pretty site will only get you so far. You have to get your actual customers to the site in order for it to be a useful tool for you and your business.

Tools that Help Us with SEO and Content Marketing

Moz.com has a keyword explorer that is invaluable when it comes to adding content to your site that is going to actually help you get ranked on Google.

CrazyEgg.com has a heatmap tool that will help you see where your clients are clicking on your website and what call-to-action buttons you need to change.

Semrush.com will show you how well you are ranking compared to your competition and where your traffic is coming from.

Below is a screenshot of Rhino Fleet Tracking’s SEM Rush stats that show that they are ranked number 2 for the search team Fleet Tracking. That’s pretty dang good.

Is your website ranking?


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