Wealth Management and Real Estate Website

Wealth Management and Real Estate Website
June 8, 2017 Eddie Renz
Real Estate Web Design Denton Texas

Continental Realty Advisors Website

Sometimes when you are creating a website you have to zoom out and look at what you are trying to accomplish. Is your website being used as a place to convert leads or is it merely an online resume giving people information once they find your site.¬†At the core, even the most basic website should be designed to convert leads even if it isn’t doing all the heavy lifting. In the case of Continental Realty Advisors, their clients are often referred to them by word of mouth, which is still the best way to get new clients. When I asked them what kind of site they wanted, they basically said something that would appeal to real estate investors.

Connecting Businesses to their Customers

Our approach to each and every website is different because each client is different, but the purpose of the website is generally the same. Our clients want us to help them connect with their customers. That is the entire point of marketing. We want to make our audience aware of their need for our services.

Below you will find some images of Continental Realty Advisors website which is turned out to be a very beautiful website showcasing some really great real estate.

Design Music & Color Palette

While designing this site I listened to Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran on Pandora. When I design I like to get into a groove. The hardest part for me is coming up with a new color scheme and so I often have to rely on Adobe Color to create a great color palette.

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