I’m Purple with Envy

I’m Purple with Envy
May 22, 2017 Eddie Renz

Have you been seeing the Purple mattress videos? I saw the first one with “Goldilocks- Bed Expert” (Awesome) who was showing how eggs don’t crack and it was pretty great, but then the videos kept getting better. After the first one I saw with the egg, I saw that Purple had come out with a new bed frame that vibrates and tilts and is under lit with purple lighting. This had us shouting YAAAS! But what really made that video great was that it was clever. Two robots talking about a robotic bed and the video kept going on and on so it was like watching a sketch comedy instead of a video. But that wasn’t enough. Purple seems to be doing such a great job at disrupting various markets that they have moved on to sheets. First the mattress, then the bed frame and now sheets. If they could create a wife for me that would disrupt the market then I’d be set!

I have taken the time to pull these three videos together for you so you can watch them in one place and see how cool they are for yourself. As a marketing firm we are always looking for great ways to market products and we have to admit that whoever came up with these videos is a freaking genius.

Kudos Purple. We are indeed purple with envy.

P.S. If you are short on time, watch the last one about the sheets, it is the best!

Goldilocks - Bed Expert

Purple Power Base

Purple Bed is Sumo Tested!


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