iteach Web Design in Denton, Texas

iteach Web Design in Denton, Texas
April 12, 2017 Eddie Renz

Catalog and Web Design for iteachTexas

Last year we started working with to create a new website. The challenge with this project was that they actually needed 5 websites. is an online teacher certification program and the rules for teaching are different in every state. With that in mind the cost for certification is different and some of the requirements are different. So each state needs it’s own space to provide comprehensive information for each aspiring teacher. also worked with a local video production firm in Denton called Maker Table. On each state site, Texas, Nevada, Hawaii and Louisiana we have embedded a very well crafted promotional video that plays in the background without sound. The full video is shown on the parent site and is used for promotions. Maker Table really hit it out of the park and we use them whenever we have a client that requests video.

iteach Program Catalog

Once we finished the website for iteach we created a 43 page program catalog in InDesign filled with lots of great content and a design that we hope is appealing to teachers who want to get certified to teach in Texas.

Here is a sample of the iteachTEXAS Online Teacher Certification catalog:


Alternative Online Teacher Certification Texas Teacher Certification Online Teacher Certification Teaching Timeline Catalog Design InDesign


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