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Denton County Behavioral Health Leadership Team

Denton County Behavioral Leadership Team Logo
July 2, 2016 Eddie Renz

When the United Way of Denton County reached out to us for logo design for a new local non-profit we were happy to help. This logo design is simple and we ended up creating a final version that is similar to the first option in this set of mockups. Our personal favorite was the third option because of the combination of a tree with a brain and the underlying concept of growth and change. But we were happy that they were pleased with the options presented.

Logo design is complex. It requires not only graphic design skill, but in that one element you have to convey information about the company and it’s products or services – or at least that is the goal. Sometimes great marketing can help tell the story of a company, but a simple logo can convey quite a bit in just a few seconds.


logo_option1 logo_option2 logo_option3


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