Adobe illustrator CC The Essentials Part 4

The Pathfinder Tool

Adobe illustrator CC The Essentials Part 4: The Pathfinder Panel
February 14, 2016 Eddie Renz

Adobe Illustrator CC: The Pathfinder Panel

This took me forever to figure out, but once I learned out to use this amazing panel it really made a difference in my illustration because I could draw a shape, merge it with another shape and delete one of the shapes to make something new. Watch this fantastic tutorial to learn some great techniques that I wish I had known years ago.

Watch Video Part 5: The Appearance Panel

Jump to another video tutorial below:

  1. The Pen Tool
  2. The Curvature Tool
  3. Warping Text
  4. The Pathfinder Panel
  5. The Appearance Panel
  6. Using Image Trace
  7. The Shaper Tool


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