Adobe Illustrator CC The Essentials Part 2

The Curvature Tool

Adobe Illustrator CC The Essentials Part 2: The Curvature Tool
February 13, 2016 Eddie Renz

Adobe Illustrator: The Curvature Tool

It is similar to the Pen Tool, and it might be even easier to use in some cases. I absolutely love this one as well. It is new and so if you don’t have the latest version of Adobe CC then you may not have this option. If you aren’t subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud then you need to do that immediately if you plan to use their tools longterm. I love Adobe and I’m so glad I don’t have to pay $2000 up front every two years to get the latest software.

Watch Video Part 3: Warping Text

Jump to another video tutorial below:

  1. The Pen Tool
  2. The Curvature Tool
  3. Warping Text
  4. The Pathfinder Panel
  5. The Appearance Panel
  6. Using Image Trace
  7. The Shaper Tool


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