Be Elastic

Hairpin Legs... that SNAP!

Be Elastic. B. E. ELASTIC!
January 21, 2016 Eddie Renz

I recently had a friend make me a table using hairpin legs. It is awesome. It is shown here in the picture and I eventually moved it to the side of the couch where it makes a perfect side table and looks great under the lamp light. I like the modern look and feel of these hairpin legs and would love to have a desk made in the same style.

Hairpin Table Legs


So I looked up these legs and found some great ones, but in that search, I stumbled upon Be Elastic. I immediately got sucked into their awesome photo gallery and my brain started creating all kinds of uses for these legs. Unfortunately they don’t have any that are dining table height, so that was a bummer, but for quick end tables and coffee tables these legs are legit! Too Legit to Quit!

Check out this video to learn more about this cool product…


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