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Making a Motion Video

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We like to create motion videos for our clients…

But they aren’t as simple as they look. And hopefully if they are done well they look simple. We don’t like our work to look over-worked or fussy. We also feel that most marketing messages can be told in just a couple minutes. Training videos, how-to’s, or demonstration videos can be longer, especially if the end user is required to watch the information for a test or to understand a specific product.

This post is not going to teach you how to animate a video through Adobe After Effects or Mocha Animation Software but instead help you with the process for creating a great video as well as give you some great resources for animated templates, music beds and voice overs. I will put a list of options for you at the bottom of this post so you can easily find all of these in one easy place.

We recently created a video for Rhino Fleet Tracking and we were given a simple script. This is the most important piece. Your script needs to be easy-to-follow and present a clear message. Once the script is finalized we shoot it over to VoiceBunny and have them create a great voice over for it. VoiceBunny has some great actors to choose from.

While VoiceBunny is churning out the voiceover we start working on the storyboard for the project. Each screen should coincide with your voice over message and so you want to break up what you want on each screen. From those storyboards, you can create a set of stills based on your illustrations.


Use these Great Resources for Making Your Motion Video Project

Audio Jungle Video Music Beds

Video Hive РAdobe After Effects Templates

VoiceBunny – Amazing Voiceovers at an affordable Price

Mocha Animation Software – Tracking Software to take your animated video to the next level

iStockPhoto – Great resource for vectors for infographics

People Images – High-quality images of real people. The best images that we’ve found online for the price.



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