Nutmegger Workshop. Typographical Awesomeness.

Nutmegger Workshop. Typographical Awesomeness.

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We have always been a fan of typography over here at ChemistCreative. I know few designers who don’t geek out on fontery on occasion, but when I saw the signs over at Nutmegger Workshop it was as if I was a kid getting to see a glimpse inside Santa’s workshop. What those guys are doing over there is magical.

Most of my work is created in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but every now and then I get my hands dirty and create and it feels good. There is nothing like using your hands to piece together ordinary items and make them into something beautiful. It is cathartic. It is relaxing, And the end result, when it turns out the way you wanted or exceeds your expectations, well, that feeling is wonderful.

Take a moment to watch this great video. Those nutmeggers make crafting these signs look so easy, but I’m sure, they are anything but.



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  1. Pete Vogel 12 months ago

    Wow! You are too kind … love your work as well!

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